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SOAS, University of London

Established in 1947, the School of Law at SOAS, University of London has grown significantly in size and standing over the past six decades. Since introducing its LLB programme in 1975, SOAS has consistently offered its students a world-renowned undergraduate legal education: one not only grounded in the fundamentals of English law, but also providing one with unique facility in the fields of comparative, regional and international law. It is on the back of SOAS’ reputation as one of the world’s leading institutions specialising in the study of Asia, Africa and the Middle East, and in anticipation of SOAS’ centenary in 2016, that SOAS launched its first student-run law journal in 2014.

The SOAS Law Journal intends to create one of the most regionally diverse and academically invigorating law journals. Biannually published, the Journal is an independent academic publication that is edited, reviewed and primarily contributed by SOAS students and alumni. We aim to provide SOAS students and alumni with a platform to publish their academic writing on a variety of legal disciplines, in order to contribute to legal scholarship and facilitate dialogue between students, academics and practitioners worldwide.

If you have any queries concerning the SOAS Law Journal, or if you wish to contact the Journal’s editors or Article authors, feel free to contact us at queries@soaslawjournal.org.

We also welcome specific comments that you may have with regard to past Issues of the SOAS Law Journal at soaslawjournal@soas.ac.uk.

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