About us

SOAS, University of London

The SOAS Law Journal is an independent publication operated by students of the University of London SOAS School of Law. Founded in 2014, the Journal is uniquely suited to reflect the diverse body of thought and identity that passes through the halls of our dynamic institution. We are proud to promote the development of legal scholarship and to provide for our fellow students and alumni a platform for their uniquely SOASian perspectives in law. The Journal has covered an impressive range of topics since its inception, with our latest volume looking critically at legal challenges in biopiracy, customary banking, and Shari’a law. Past volumes have mused such things as the morality of whaling regulations, the extraterritoriality of the European Convention on Human Rights, and petroleum legal policy in Iran. As editors, we consider it our obligation to the legal community to curate only those articles that are topical, well-researched, and valuable perspectives that contribute to broader dialogue. The SOAS Law Journal is archived at the British Library.

SOAS University of London is the only higher education institution in Europe specialising in the study of Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. The School also has the largest concentration of specialist faculty concerned with the study of these regions at any university in the world. In its study of law, SOAS offers students the opportunity to interrogate legal mechanisms and challenges from a global perspective, with a wide range of studies in comparative and international law.

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